Everything You Need to Know About the 2019 Women's March

    Empowerment, Places

    It's already been a year since my first Women's March in New York City. I still remember the thrill and passion felt being surrounded by such energy. All of 2018 was filled with ups and downs, from the Kavanaugh confirmation to historic numbers of women elected to political office. For this year's March, I'll also provide some interesting conversation pieces about some of the news surrounding the co-founders and longevity of movements.

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    Books I Read in 2018

    Lifestyle, Empowerment, Wellness

    If you've been here a while, you know I love podcasts. But it was a refreshing change in content consumption to read, especially with both in-print and in-my-ears options. With all the podcasting I did, I didn't think I had read enough to have a post! I was very wrong - and very happy about that.

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    Favorite Podcasts for Career Development

    Career, Empowerment

    As I incorporate more and more podcasts into my listening repertoire, I get more and more picky. For career development, that's no exception. As someone who has significant experience being a career mentor for students, residents, etc. when it comes to my own development I expect certain things. I expect actionable items. Specific information. Applicability to the stage in my career. And more than interviews discussing "becoming" stories. Here are some of my favorites.

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    Feminist Book List: Fall Edition

    Empowerment, Lifestyle

    It may have been Fall for a month now, but it hasn't been until this week that it's consistently felt like it. The air is crisp, the windows are open and AC is off. It's actually cold inside the house because the radiators haven't quite triggered on yet, but that's a great excuse to bust out my comfy pajama pants and fluffy socks. With a new season also comes a new wave of books released. In line with my winter and summer editions, here's a new list for fall!

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