Favorite Podcast Episodes of January

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Favorite Podcasts of January 2018

January was a great month of podcasts, and I want to start sharing individual episodes not just shows that I love. Here are my favorite episodes from this month, organized by #MOOD.

For your continuous identity search.

My American Meltingpot

The Electorette

NPR Code Switch

For navigating career transitions.

Bossed Up

HBR IdeaCast

For when you're trying to March for women's rights.

Call Your Girlfriend

Stuff Mom Never Told You

Feminist Book Club Box Podcast

For when you want to hear about amazing women.


Breaking Beauty

For when you're trying to figure out how to say sorry (or not) the right way.

NYT Still Processing

For when you're trying to win trivia night (for once).

NPR Hidden Brain


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