6 Essential Ways to Prepare for Residency

    Career, Wellness

    Today's article comes at the specific request from one of you who recently found out she matched to a pharmacy residency program! It can be an intimidating time because you are in transition. You're ready to finish pharmacy school, but also realizing the journey still to come. If you're about to enter a transition in life or career and unsure how to approach it, this article is for you.

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    Books I Read in 2017

    Wellness, Career, Empowerment

    I’ve finally gotten back into the habit of reading. It’s what I do on the train and a little bit right when I get home so I don’t succumb to the black hole that is evening news until I’ve at least finished an extra chapter. I really enjoy the quiet mindfulness that reading affords me. Since half of this year was taken up by residency, I didn’t think I was able to read that much in 2017. However, it turns out there’s a decent number on the list!

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    My Family Planning Journey with Contraception

    Empowerment, Wellness

    Today, I share my contraceptive journey with you on my one-year anniversary of my intrauterine device (IUD) and at the end of a year filled with the government moving backwards by reducing family planning resources and access for women. A woman’s choice and access to family planning means the right to independence and agency. It’s not easy to make these choices with or without government- and culture-imposed barriers.

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