What I'm Hopeful For in 2018

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The first time I saw the #HopefulFor tag was on Sheryl Sandberg's Instagram where she said:

"Starting today, we're asking people to share what they're #HopefulFor next year. I'm #HopefulFor a world where we elevate all women's voices and help get more women – especially those from groups that have been traditionally marginalized – into positions of power. Our time is now."

This inspired me to reflect what I'm hopeful for this year. I realized that there is a lot I'm hopeful for, and while this list may seem ambitious I hope to add to the archives of hopes and dreams for the future.


➢Women to continue momentum to stand our ground, be heard, and reckoned with

➢Women not to be burdened with emotional labor that isn't ours

➢Women to be valued and marketed towards for our minds and talents, not our looks


➢More men to amplify women's voices

➢Men to have the space to express their emotions in a healthy, productive way

➢Masculinity to be culturally evolved to incorporate equality with strength


➢Introverts to be asked for our opinion if we don't say something

➢Quiet and shy not to be thought of as the same

➢Solitude to be seen as a necessity, not a commodity


➢Paid family leave for the entire gender spectrum

➢Reproductive freedoms for women

➢Equal pay for everyone with the same job title and standardized merit-based raises

These may seem more like part of a 5-year strategic plan, and maybe it will be someday. For now, I'll spend this year focusing on changing conversations, taking action, and organizing others to make these hopes a reality.


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