28 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self

    Empowerment, Opinion

    I think a lot about the transformations that I’ve had in my 20’s. I go back and forth as to whether the beliefs I have now would have come to fruition on their own, but I don’t think they would have with the same level of passion. So as much as the trials and tribulations were difficult, without them I wouldn’t have known my own strength and potential. In today’s post, I share 28 things I would tell my younger self going through these tough times and uncertainty.

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    Pursue Boundaries, Not Balance

    Empowerment, Wellness, Career

    I am no stranger to the challenge of finding purpose in work and personal life when one held the keys to the future I need to pay of all of my loans and the other held the key to mental survival. After attending seminars and reading so much about the art of finding balance, every pursuit almost always lead to feelings of failures and disappointment. I propose we change the conversation to set boundaries instead.

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    6 Ways to Own Your Introversion

    Empowerment, Wellness

    For the first couple of decades of my life, I didn’t know I was an introvert. I just thought I was quiet and didn’t like crowds. Once I identified as an introvert, the journey to owning it and feeling confident about it was a different story. If you’re in a similar boat as me and working on your own sense of self, here are six ways I’ve learned to own your introversion.

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