Activism Self-Care: Solitude and Sisterhood

    Empowerment, Wellness

    The week of Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford's testimony and Brett Kavanaugh confirmation was an emotional roller coaster. But with solitude, I was able sit with my feelings and process the struggle. Then, I picked myself back up to continue the fight for the marginalized. Thanks to The Wing, I was able to gather with a sisterhood to learn why we must keep fighting, keep resisting not just for the United States, but for the world.

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    New Podcast Discoveries: Female Hosts Volume 2

    Empowerment, Career

    May was a month of discovery when it came to podcasts. I discovered so many new shows that are quickly becoming some of my favorites and most of them have female hosts! The best part is that each of them are so incredibly different and I love how they highlight nuances of the female experience. Check out my latest favorite discoveries!

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    Young Professional's Guide to Moving to New York City

    Career, Places, Lifestyle

    I never thought moving to New York City was possible. There's a lot of binary in how people end up here is portrayed in entertainment. You're either already born here with lots of money, or you hustle in a rat-infested studio with $20 in your pocket until you make it. But what if you're a professional who is ready to start life in a new place? Is moving to NYC that unattainable? Here's your detailed guide for how to move here as a professional.

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    I Am American [GUEST POST]

    Empowerment, Opinion

    It's Independence Day here in the United States of America! For today's post I knew I wanted it to be about what it means to be an American. Then I realized with the political and cultural climate here these days that I wanted to highlight a very special story of someone who spent over a decade in the US before deciding to become a US citizen. Today, I share the story of my very own mom.

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    Feminist Book List: Summer Edition

    Empowerment, Lifestyle

    Summer is here and the parks are the perfect place to lay out in the grass and enjoy a good book. Here in NYC my favorite spots (in Manhattan) are Central Park and Bryant Park (which is conventiently right next to the New York Public Library!) . Grab yourself a delicious summer drink while your eyes and mind feast on my latest Feminist Book List: Summer Edition.

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