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Each month I like to share a roundup of some of my favorites. Most recently I shared all of the podcasts I listened to on two 9-hour flights to and from Barcelona, it was quite the marathon! May was a month of discovery when it came to podcasts. I discovered so many new shows that are quickly becoming some of my favorites and most of them have female hosts! The best part is that each of them are so incredibly different and I love how they highlight nuances of the female experience. Check out my latest favorite discoveries!


The Creative Exchange


"On this podcast you will find candid conversations with the best artists and business professionals in the world. More information and content from the podcast can be found on Sara Dietschy's YouTube channel, Twitter & Instagram (@SaraDietschy)

I've been part of Sara's #peachyfam for a while now and am a huge fan. She is a woman on a mission to promote creators and with her Creative Exchange series (also on YouTube) she does just that. It's awesome to see how diverse a guest list she brings along for really deep, interesting conversations. I learn something new with every episode! Her YouTube channel is also pretty awesome. Make sure you check it out!


Asian Boss Girl


"A podcast for the modern day Asian American woman hosted by Melody Cheng, Helen Wu, and Janet Wang. We started this podcast as an outlet for topics we are interested in, and for sharing stories we have as 20-30 something yr. old Asian American women working, dating, and living in Los Angeles."

I discovered this thanks to Apple's recommendation during Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, and have been hooked ever since. They're currently between seasons but are staying really active on their Instagram Stories still to give fun behind-the-scenes of their lives until next season starts. What I love about this podcast is the discussions about their Asian American identities. They talk about everything from being raised by Asian parents to dating, and as a Filipina American I find the topics extremely relatable.


The Confused Millennial


"Hosts Rachel Ritlop and Eric Dresdale share their experiences, advice, and wisdom as they've navigated their twenties and thirties. The podcast is for all confused millennials who are looking to embrace who they are while navigating this whole #adulting thing. Topics include career, entrepreneurship, self-care, finances, spirituality, and so much more."

I started following Rachel on The Confused Millenial at least a year ago and her blog is amazing. Its content is important, high value, and honest. And the aesthetic is gorgeous. When she announced she would be starting a podcast I knew it would be just as great. After listening to the episodes, it's actually even better. Her content is deep, but the audio experience goes even deeper into topics she's discussed previously in her blog and also with her guests.


Hiding in the Bathroom


"Each week host Morra Aarons-Mele invites her favorite, most interesting friends and colleagues from politics, feminism, business media and psychology on to talk about creating the career and life you want, driving social change, smashing the patriarchy, and what to do when you want to hide in the bathroom. It's like a "nerdy dinner party conversation between two great minds."

Introversion, feminism, and leadership. How much more perfect a combination could there be for a listener like me? I would love for Morra to be one of my life and career mentors. She deep dives into topics that are perfect for the ambitious, creative, multi-hyphenate introvert. I was hooked from the title of her show, considering as an introvert I have on a not-so-rare occasion hid in the bathroom to avoid small talk.


Wabi Sabi - The Perfectly Imperfect Podcast with Candice Kumai


"Coined 'the golden girl of wellness' by ELLE magazine, Candice Kumai, bestselling author, chef, wellness writer and former model shares with us her painfully-imperfect life lessons and experiences that have shaped her 15 year career in media, publishing, wellness, food, modeling and content creation."

I got my first book from Candice Kumai, Pretty Delicious, 6 years ago when I started pharmacy school in North Carolina. For years I've followed her platform and finally got to meet her just last month for a Matcha Masterclass at The Wing! She's even more amazing in person and when she announced her podcast on her Instagram, I immediately subscribed. It's brand new, but her first two episodes she's set the stage for quite the story through her life and career journey. I'm definitely hooked to hear and learn from her experiences. Her SIXTH book was also just published, Kintsugi Wellness, and I highly recommend it!


The more I dig into the podcast world, the more I realize that this platform is truly special. The ability to get your word out there in the archives is inspiring. Maybe I'll make my own someday... there's a thought! What are some of your favorite podcasts hosted by women? Share in the comments below!


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