My Unapologetic Commitment to Blogmas

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My [Loose] Commitment to Blogmas

One of my favorite times of year to consume content is December. People commit to producing free content for us every day of the month for Blogmas, and the internet is better for it. I've tried (and failed) for many years to do Blogmas and felt guilty for not completing it. This year, I'm trying a different, unapologetic approach.

My "Why"

There are a lot of reasons why people participate in Blogmas. I want to consider it as a way to remember that there is value in what I have to say, and focus on completing a thought. I have tons of lists with content ideas and drafts of essays collecting dust but I'm not a strong finisher. As the last month of this decade, my "why" will be to commemorate this period of time and reflect on this past year and decade before entering a new one.


As you may have noticed, I haven't posted with much frequency this year (especially in comparison to 2018). This December, I hope to re-kindle the flame by aiming to complete a post at least once per week.

Types of Content

For a preview, I have some thoughts in mind of what to post this month. These include:

  • Holiday gift guides that consider supporting small businesses, sustainable practices, and financial wellbeing
  • Unapologetic eflections of the past decade
  • "Just for fun" miscellaneous
  • Anything else you might request to me on Instagram or Twitter


Back to the basics and in honor of my Word of the Year, if all else fails I will not feel guilty for the fact that I don't complete Blogmas. Yes, I'm giving myself an out at the very beginning, but as long as I remember my "why", it will still be an accomplishment to have shared some of my voice into the internet world.

What are your reasons to create?


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