Making Cinnamon Rolls in a Small Space

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For a while (over 2 years, to be more specific) I didn't make anything from scratch that required any surface area like homemade pasta or any other flour. I decided to overcome it and recognize there is plenty of space to bake cinnamon rolls from scratch - even in a New York City apartment.

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Howard and I used the Tasty recipe to guide us. We intended to follow the exact recipe, but we forgot to add salt and baking powder and we only ended up missing the salt. Since it's a yeast dough, it stilled worked out we just proofed it a bit longer.

If you're interested in the exact how-to, I actually made my own video on the experience here:

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Some adaptations we did were moving our kitchen cart into a more open space. We usually use it as counterpsace for our dish drying pad, compost, and a cutting board. It worked out perfectly as a kneading surface, but because the brakes weren't very strong I had to hold it in place while he kneaded for 10 minutes.

One thing we did was adjust the glaze. And by adjust, I mean that we doubled the recipe and it ended up being too strong of vanilla, so instead of making another recipe we ate the rolls without glaze to "save calories".

The recipe was delicious, but the realize is that it took a very long time and we made 10 rolls. Learning from this experience, next time we make rolls we will NOT forget the salt, and then the frosting might resemble the kind used on carrot cake.

Vlog of the experience will be coming up!


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